Welcome to Class 6

...or as I like to think of it, OH MY GOD I'M IN MY FINAL TERM AT ANIMATION MENTOR.

My new (AND FINAL) mentor at AM is Sean Sexton.  He works at DreamWorks and speaks very highly of the work they did on How To Train Your Dragon - so go see it!  You can read more about Sean in this interview he did for the AM newsletter.

In our first Q&A he was talking about how he came to be an animator and about his first gigs in the animation industry.  One of which was working on the film Thumbtanic, which is actually pretty hilarious.  You can check out part one here:

If you find it agreeable, parts two and three are also available.  Sean joked that the writer, Steve Odenkirk, had thought Kate Winslet was a bit heavy set in the film, so wanted to cast a fat thumb for her role in the film - which he did.  This is the kind of great stuff you expect to find in a deluxe, 2-disc DVD set!

Next week: GRADUATION AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Just kidding.

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