I have been re-visiting and working on several new animated shots.  I think previously I always had this idea that you should always just work on a single piece of animation at a time, but more recently I've discovered it's better (for me, anyway) to have a couple of different pieces to play with.  This way if one shot starts to feel stale I can jump over to another one and keep working.  Here's a few of the shots I've been working on:

I wasn't sure if I'd ever come back to this shot and complete the runaway ending, but I'm really glad I finally did.  I think the contrast between the zombie walk and the cartoony run make for a far more interesting shot.

Here's another blast from the bast!  I original uploaded my video reference and first pass of this animation over two years ago:

I was trying a new way of blocking at the time and the results when I brought it over into spline weren't quite what I was hoping for.  I dug it back out recently because I still really liked the premise of the shot (her job as pirate piercer) and it was a chance to "fix" some animation that wasn't in great shape.

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