As if any place could be as cool as Okay, so maybe you've got a hankering to see some other stuff on the web, I guess can deal with that. Here's some other sites you might want to have a look at:

More great websites by Jay (my vanity knows no bounds):

  • - Jay's official soundtrack website, offering great soundtracks on CD, vinyl and cassette--and also a digital music transfer service.
  • Sesame Streem - classic muppet music from the 1970's and 1980's, all transferred from vinyl by Jay.

Great sites for great deals - shop the web like a pro:

  • - put the internet to work for you...or put other people who use the internet to work for you. This site features cool deals around the web that other people have discovered.
  • - another site similar to slickdeals.
  • - really, can you have enough money-saving websites? No, I think not.
  • - yep, you guessed it, more deals! This one claims to have the hottest deals and online coupon codes.
  • - Keri must just spend all day searching for these deal websites.....just kidding, Ker--I love ya!
  • Amazon Filler - if you've ever shopped at you probably know that you can get free shipping if you spend over $25. What to do if you don't have $25 in your cart? Use this site! It searches for items that make up the difference between your order and $25--give it a try!
  • - Get a free headset for your cell phone, you just pay the shipping. Anything free, as my sister likes to say, is always good.
  • The Madison Stuff Exchange - provides area residents and businesses with a convenient way to exchange, re-use, or sell items they no longer need or want.
  • - these next two are all Keri finds--more deals, usually changing on a daily basis.
  • - home of the "Mystery Box!" Just like a grab bag, you pay a dollar (plus shipping) and they send you a box with unknown contents, oh the suspense!
  • Kids Gifts And More - personalized gifts and so much more! Gifts for the whole family from newborn through adult--and it's run by Mom's friend Robin!
  • Refund - a website that tracks online pricing, helping you to always get the best price available--even after your purchase is complete.
  • - a daily deal on general merchandise.
  • Coupon Mountain - free online coupons to such places as Amazon, and Dell.
  • Lunch Hour Sale - "open for lunch" from 12-4pm EST, one deal a day, supposedly for ladies only.
  • - so much for the site we all knew and loved.  Just call this one Bing now.
  • The Bargainist - bookmark this one and check back daily for great freebies!
  • - all the best Amazon deals in one place, this site lists products that are at least 70% off.
  • Shopzilla - use this search engine to find top deals online.

Food and beverage:

  • Quiznos Subs - print out coupons and save some moola on your next visit to Quiznos.
  • - a site for Chipotle fans, by a Chipotle fan. Don't know what Chipotle is? It's a burrito restaurant, yummy.
  • Red - join their eClub and get a free burger on your birthday, plus other great stuff.
  • - another restaurant with an email club, and free ecoupons - saving money, it's a theme here at Dabrosis.
  • The Webtender - you're online bartender! You tell the Webtender what you've got in your cupboards and it will tell you what drinks you can make.
  • Flat Top Grill - nothing beats creating your very own stir fry, another website with an email club.
  • Rookie's - everyone's favorite Mazo bar and grill! Sign up for their birthday club and get a free $15 gift certificate by mail.
  • - tequila brands, ratings and reviews - margaritas anyone?

Wallpaper, Photography & Art:

  • - another great site for desktop wallpaper featuring artwork and photography submitted by schleps like you and me. Jay's page can be found here.
  • Emerging - real art, unreal prices. Purchase original art by today's emerging artists at great prices with safety and satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Digital Grin - a great site to view, share, discuss and learn about photography, techniqes, gear...
  • - this site is loaded with artwork from CDs, DVDs and more, that you can download for free. Great place to find artwork for your ipod/mp3s or reprinting lost inserts.
  • Steven Kozar - an incredible artist who creates photo-realistic paintings (and just happens to live in McFarland).

Music and entertainment:

  • Mark Perkins - his myspace page, full of great music from IsThree's former leading man.
  • Movie Trailers - check out all the latest movie trailers at
  • Sunspot - a great Madison band, and the lead guitar player is Jay's former neighbor.
  • Phil Collins - his official website. This one goes out to his biggest fan, Bill.
  • New York Minute Film Festivial - if you've got a minute, then you've got time to check out one of the many great films popping up for your review at the NYMFF.
  • Cherry Pie - Keri's favorite cover band from Madison (Milwaukee, actually, but who's counting?).
  • Arra - Keri's favorite cover band from Chicago (she ususally ends up in the "Photos" section on a regular basis).
  • IMDB - the internet movie database--the ulitmate online source for all the movie knowledge you could ever ask for!
  • Soundtrack Collector - the movie soundtrack database! This is one of my favorite (and most often used) websites.
  • Poor Rich Kids - that's right, it's Katie K's band...or should I say Paige P's band!
  • - 1,500 of your favorite 80's videos!
  • The Superficial - a brutally honest look at society and its obsession with the superficial.
  • Theater Mania - a great resource for finding theater shows throughout the U.S. You can also buy tickets, find discounts and get a wealth of theater and city info!
  • Stringfever - three brothers and their cousins play chamber music like you've never seen/heard before!
  • - goofs, bloopers and much more, from thousands of movies.
  • City Love Song - if you don't know what City Love Song is, you probably shouldn't be on Dabrosis.


  • Airfare Watchdog - when fares are low, they'll let you know! Sign up for their free fare alerts email.
  • Smarter Travel - cheap airfare, vacation deals, car rental and discount travel.
  • VRBO: Vacation Rentals by Owner - rent someone else's timeshare and save money!
  • - search for area business (hotels, restaurants, etc.) and read reviews from past customers.
  • Wikitravel - from the makers of wikipedia, this free worldwide travel guide features tons of useful information no matter where you're traveling.
  • - real people, real reviews - an online urban city guide that helps people find cool places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play.

Resource Tools:

  • Wikipedia - a wonderful online assett, it's the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit!
  • Gas Prices - use this MSN feature to check your local gas prices.
  • Babel - a fantastic resource for translating blocks of text (or an entire web page) from a foreign language into English.
  • Recipe Gold Mine - whooo doggy, talk about recipes - this site is loaded! It's even got recipes used in restaurants, tons of them! Chef Jay says bon appetit!
  • Reseller Ratings - a website where you can read reviews about online retailers before you buy from them. Especially handy for some of the smaller business who might not always be so reputable.
  • UPC Database - need to look up a UPC code (and who doesn't?), this site is perfect.
  • Urban Dictionary - having a hard time deciphering that latest hip-hop song, the Urban Dictionary is your solution.
  • OneLook - free online dictionary, thesaurus and resource tool - a great all-in-one tool.
  • - because newer is not always better! Here you can find previous versions of downloadable software.
  • - ever been curious if you're actually getting the download speed your ISP says you're getting? Use this free site to do a test on your current connection.
  • Garage Door Opener Guide - I know, this might seem like a silly link, but this sight is quite useful (especially if you happen to lose your garage door opener manual). You can download a pdf of your garage door manual for free.
  • - a great site that helps you locate WiFi spots all over the U.S.
  • Wagner Insurance & Financial - for all your insurance needs, be sure to ask for my dad (aka Don).
  • BBC Motion Gallery - royalty free stock video footage.
  • Find Toto - a service that will help you locate your lost dog or cat (or other pet).  It's not Ace Ventura, but still...
  • Eat Wild - your source for grass-fed beef, lamb, goats, bison, poultry, pork, dairy and other wild edibles.
  • A Place For Mom - the search for senior care, simplified and free.  This is Keri's direct page.

File-Transfer Services:

Fun places to spend your free time (aka, miscellaneous):

  • - keep up to date with the Cubbies.
  • The Heckler - good laughs for all you Cubs fans...and maybe even for your non-Cubs fans.
  • - a site for dogs...lots and lots of dogs! Caleb's personal page can be found here.
  • - yep, there's one for cats as well. Sandi's personal page can be found here.
  • Bob's chicken taco site - Bolda, that is. Great chicken tacos, and great one-liners too.
  • Homestar Runner - one of the funniest online "cartoons" you will come across. Take some time to look around, and if it's your first time be sure to watch the intro.
  • Kevin's Girls - hey now, is a clean website so wipe those dirty thoughts from your mind. This site is a photographic listing all of Kevin Arnold's, he of The Wonder Years, girlfriends (although Winnie is missing for some reason). This one is a hoot!
  • All Your Base - if you haven't seen this yet, it's time that you did.
  • - type in your phone number and this site will generate every possible word(s) that can be made from your number. And no, they won't call you up later on to see what you thought of the site.
  • Book-a-Minute Classics - featuring ultra-condensed classic books. Absolutely a riot to look through, especially if you've read any of the books listed!
  • Red vs. Blue - this is an instant classic! If you're familiar with the video game Halo you'll really enjoy these mini webisodes. Of course, if you're not familiar with Halo, that doesn't matter--watch at least one of these babies!
  • Baby Name Wizard - a fun website the tracks the names of babies born in the U.S. by decade, from the 1880s to the present. Just for the record, Jason was the #3 boy's name in the 1970's (and I thought I was unique).
  • The Absolutely Weird Bookshelf - a list containing some of the greatest science fiction books to date. I've used this a couple of times when looking for something interesting to read.
  • Contra: Hard Corps - this one is especially for Jack! Dating back to the days of sharing a dorm room, this Genesis game was one of the best!
  • Hoops And Yoyo - there are few things that Crystal loves more than Hoops and Yoyo (hopefully I'm one of them).
  • Game Giveaway Of The Day - every day you can download a different free computer game (usually with a time/day limit on use, but hey, free is free!).
  • Ambigram.Matic - for those who don't know, an ambigram is a word that spells out the same word when flipped upside down. Ambigram.Matic let you enter any word and then creates an ambigram out of it, how cool is that?!
  • Personalized Money - if you enjoyed Keri's special dollar bill for my birthday, here's the site where you can make your own...and it's free!
  • I Can Has Cheezburger - um, Crystal found this one. but apparently it is sweeping the internet.
  • The Simpsonmaker - use this nifty site to make yourself into a Simpson.
  • Retro Junk - your link to the past...albeit, the tacky past. Relive some of the greatest (and worst) fads of all time!
  • Primates Incorporated Web Portal - surf the web for a good cause: helping to provide lifetime enriched care and improved quality of life for nonhuman primates.
  • Look'n Good Salon - the only place Dad and Jay will get a haircut, now with their own website (check schedules online!).
  • - flash animations, daily comics, and more!
  • Wizard Quest - 13000 square feet of wizard finding fun; located in Wisconsin Dells.
  • - the American Film Institute; they make the "best 100 films" list that, for reasons unknown to me, always ends with Citizen Kane.
  • Eye Movement and Lying - how eye movement can reveal if a person is telling the truth or lying.
  • The Bugabees - friends with food allergies, a children's book by my former neighbor, Amy (McDowell) Recob.

Animation and animators:

Disney links:

  • - yeah, that one's pretty much a given.
  • - a wonderful tribute page to all things Disneyland.
  • - for all of you Haunted Mansion lovers!
  • - if it's salty pirates you seek, seek 'em here--Pirates of the Caribbean that is!
  • - a great place to find Disney deals on shopping or vacations.
  • - loaded with great info and tips about Walt Disney World (and beyond).
  • - Deb's unofficial Walt Disney World information guide.
  • - dedicated to feeding your Walt Disney World addiction on a daily basis.
  • - a site for connecting Disney fans around the world.
  • - the best Disney World podcast around, this thrice weekly installment is loaded with great WDW info and banter.
  • - a site dedicated to Disney's MGM Studios.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - The Ride - a tribute site to extinct Disneyland/Walt Disney World attraction.
  • & - one of the internet's largest online guides to Walt Disney World. is it's large online forum community, which expands to everything Disney.
  • Widen Your World - a restful haven for Walt Disney World's deceased, deferred and deflowered attractions.
  • - bringing you the Disney magic bit by bit, as in a computer bit, as in get rare and unique Disney audio and video here.
  • - a comprehensive stie about Walt Disney's original plans for EPCOT.
  • - a great collection of Disney themed and Disney-esque fonts.

Web and print design:

  • - search for the domain name of your dreams at this site (this is where I buy all my domain names, such as
  • - A printing site that can be used free of charge to print calendars, greeting cards, signs, flyers, forms, and much more.

Google - we all know Google is a great search engine (, but you may not have been aware of some of Google's other features:

  • - a free web-based word processing and spreadsheet program.
  • - keep track of your life, family, sporting events and more with this free online calendar.
  • These programs do require you sign up for a Google account or a Gmail account (, both of which are, yep, you guessed it, free!
  • Google Product Search - the name pretty much says it all; a great place to research online prices.

Think you've got a cool link that should be added to the "Links" page? Let me know