What is Dabrosis about? It's about good times...and hotness! Definitely about hotness!

But some of you were directed here (or were forced to come here) by my family or friends. That's okay, it's not too painful to be here (I think), and there are plenty of good links if you've had all of the Dabrosis hotness that you can handle.

Still, you clicked the "about" button, and I truly believe that not many people do click that button. So why did you click it?

You're curious. Curious about where the word "dabrosis" came from--and why shouldn't you be? It is, after all, a made up word. You won't find it in Webster's dictionary, and if you Google it, almost all of the associated links will send you right back here (or ask you if you meant "fibrosis," which you obviously did not). I like that about you, that curiosity. You would pull the curtain back on the Wizard, and he would subsequently tell you that you must be looking for the his cousin, the Great Fibrosis.

But enough about Oz, you came here to learn about Dabrosis, and I won't let you down. BE WARNED, this is your last chance to turn back! You can still keep it a mystery forever (and isn't it almost sexier that way?). Okay, you asked for it: Dabrosis was once a great bowling team. It's true! It consisted of my Dad, myself and Keri, my sister. Do you see where this is leading? My DAd, and his two kids, who are BROther and SISter. You slap your forehead as it all comes together. Yes, we were quite pleased with our team name, and I was lucky enough to snag dabrosis.com before any other Dad-Brother-Sister trios could lay claim to it.

On an interesting side note, there is a mobrosis.com, but whether it was created by a Mother-Brother-Sister bowling team, well, you'll have to find that out for yourself.

So now you know, and doesn't knowing feel nice! Your curiosity has paid off, clicking the "about" button didn't turn out to be a (total) waste of time. Thanks for taking a look into the history of this great word, website, bowling team.