Week 4 - Prepping for my next assignment

On to the two person dialogue shot!  Of these five audio clips only three were handed in for this week's assignment (#'s 1-3), and of those three only one will be animated.  I actually had a much harder time finding audio clips for this assignment, at least in comparison to my previous shot.  Finding the right dialogue that would fit into the alotted time frame (12-15 seconds) was increasingly frustrating.  In the end I managed to get these five, and then skimmed those down to the three that were required for this week's assignment.  I can also tell you that of the three remaining, #1 and #3 have the highest likelyhood of being animated - I think #2 is hilarious, but I'm not sure it's something I really want to animate.

My facial poses for this week:

Additional poses from classmates:



Next week: Video reference

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