Week 5 - End Of The Trail (Layout & Video Reference)

Since this is the first assignment we've had that requires multiple camera angles, our first duty was to create a layout of how the shot would look, inluding 2-3 camera changes.  So, there isn't any sort of animation here and all the poses are strictly for staging purposes - next week is when I will actually start blocking out the characters for animation.  Along with the layout shot we also had to shoot some video reference.  Crystal was kind enough to lend her acting skills to the shot:

I'm hoping that Gene uploads his vid ref to youtube as well, because it's pretty darn funny.  If he does, I'll certainly get it posted.  UPDATE: It's posted, and here it is:

Next week: Blocking, facial pose

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February 10. 2010 03:09

I keep watching Gene's but I can't figure out what they say at the end - before the screaming.