Week 7 - End Of The Trail (Blocking Plus)

I have to admit, doing a full blocking plus pass for a two character shot is no walk in the park - I can only imagine what's it like when you have a shot with lots of characters in it!  None the less, I think everything is coming along nicely with (what I hope is) a minimum of hitches.  I'm still in talks with Drew over the opening of the shot, whether to have the guy already looking around the corner of the cabin when the shot starts or have him pop out and then pop back in like he's doing now.  I'd rather have him already looking out, but it was Drew's idea to go with the quick in and out, so we'll see how things pan out.  Other than that, my main concern is making sure that the hug reads before I cut to the third and final shot, but I'll continue to iron that out as the shot progresses - four weeks to go!

Facial pose of the week:

Next week: polishing

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February 23. 2010 17:08

I love his eyebrows when he first grabs his arm. LOL