Week 9 - End Of The Trail (Polishing)

After a mini-meltdown last week I was able to get things back on track this week and get this shot headed more firmly in the right direction.  Although several factors contributed to last week's disaster of a shot, one of the biggest problems was with not being able to count on my workflow to keep the shot moving forward.  This is really the most important part of AM: finding your workflow.  Without it, you can pretty much be sure to have a hard time keeping a job with a studio, where you have a much stricter timeline to get your work done.  At any rate, last week made me realize that I've still got some tweaking to do with my workflow, and much better to find that out now than later.  We're far from out of the woods, however, as there are only two weeks left to finish this shot and there is still a ton to be done.  I'd like to say that two weeks will be enough, but to be honest, I'll probably still be working on this as I head into the sixth and final class at AM (which is "Polish and Portfolio," so all is not lost).

Next week: dialogue and refining

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