Week 11 - End Of The Trail ("Final")

And so, another class at Animation Mentor draws to a close.  While I'm pleased with my overall progress, I still felt the overall syllabus for this class could have used an overhaul.  It's probably a good thing that when a new animator(s) comes on board at a studio they usually stick them with action (not actING) shots, as well as background work.  I certainly will look forward to using the polish class to really continue to improve my acting chops, especially in the realm of facial animation and lip sync.  As for this final shot, I think I managed to bring it a bit further than I had originally anticpated.  Sure, there's some stuff that definitely needs work, but for the most part I feel pretty good with where it is given the time frame I had to work on it.  As is tradition, I have rendered the scene (aka made it look pretty), but eventually I'd like to get some more details added in to the background (trees, bushes, etc).

I hope you will also have a look at Gene's fantastic animation (the "square needle" line gets me every time):

See you in Class 6!

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