Class 6, Week 1 - AM Portfolio

This isn't anything new, pretty much just a rehashing of my AM demo reel, but the assignment for this first week was to upload all of our previous work so our mentor could help us decide which shots could be used on a professional demo reel (and what shots should just be dismissed).  As I've already received my critique (Sean is a bit of an unorthodox mentor), I can tell you the list of shots that will be making the cut:

End Of The Trail, Stewie Takes A Test, All three baseball shots, and Ballie's double bounce walk.  As it turns out, Sean is a huge Defending Your Life fan, so he was really thrilled that I had chosen a audio clip from that film, he just wasn't as thrilled with the animtion (and I tend to agree with him).  There's still a chance that that shot will make the cut, but it will need a lot of work, so I'll be inclined to leave it until the other shots have been solidified.  I might also put together an entirely new shot durning this class as well, but we'll see how everything else goes first.

Next week: picking my first shot to polish and getting to work on it

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