Week 2 - End Of The Trail (Revision1)

Let the revisions begin!  This will be the first of multiple revisions for my End Of The Trail shot, with additional shots to follow.  The main difference about this shot is the new camera angle/move.  Sean suggested the camera move at fram 135, which I like, but I decided to try out the camera movement (where it zooms in for the final close up).  Unfortunately, Sean's not a huge fan of the camera move, saying it feels a bit too CG.  One thing that was preached to him by the great Steven Spielberg is that just because we can move the camera anywhere and any way we want in the CG world, doesn't mean that we should.  He suggest switching back to a cut, so that's probably what you'll see next week.

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April 15. 2010 23:22

I love the camera move. To hell with Spielberg! What does...he...know.

Still, keep the shot! That's my vote.