Week 10 - Demo Reel (First Pass)

Well, here we are, the first look at what recruiters will see when they decide whether I'm hirable or not.  Kind of scary, huh?  Next week is actually the last week to hand in assignment's at AM, so I'll make some changes in accordance with Sean's notes and then render all the scenes so they're more appealing to the eye.  After that, I'll keep refining - and hopefully adding - to the reel until I get a job...and then beyond that.  Your demo reel is never really finished, as you need to keep it up to date even when you're gainfully employed - you never know when you'll want to make that jump to Pixar :)

DVD case artwork:

This is just a first pass at what my DVD inserts will look like, but I already have plans to change it up a bit, add a little bit more spice (that's right, Jack, spice!).

Next week: updates to my reel and the end of the AM trail

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