Sorry Dabrosis

Oh my poor Dabrosis, you have been neglected.  Facebook has stolen your thunder and for that I am sorry.  It's just so much easier to jot down a few ideas and be done with it (and the chance to have an actual audience is admittedly nice, as well).  None the less, I am hoping to ressurrect life here on Dabrosis with some more frequent entries.  Although I am not able to show my work each week as I did when still in school, I would like to write more on what the process of being an animator is like.  If nothing else, I can use this blog to blow off some steam when I get bogged down (yes, even dream jobs have their unsavory moments).  So welcome back, Dabrosis, and welcome back to anyone who reads this - thanks for being here.


Did I mention Facebook also spell checks for me?  Dabrosis does not.  I hope you will forgive a few spelling errors if when they happen.

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