Busy week

Well, it was a long weekend as I worked at Disneyland Friday, Saturday and Sunday, after also working there last Saturday and Sunday as well (Spring Break week).  Needless to say, it's set me back a bit on the animation front.  Add in Svoundtrack work on top of that and suddenly every bit of free time feels like a sin ("Maybe I should be working now instead of playing video games!").  But things are still moving along, on all fronts.  I got an extra week's worth of work a couple of weeks ago when I got to animate the dragon for a pilot movie trailer.  I don't know if it's actually called a "pilot trailer," that's what I call it; it's a trailer that was put together to take around to studios in an attempt to raise money to make the full length film.  I animated multiple dragons (which were playing the part of demons) in a wide angle shot showing a burning city in ruin (there were multiple "demons" circling buildings and one of them landed on a building).  I can't say much more than that - or do I even know much more than that - but it's a little more of my animation floating around the movie world, which is pretty awesome.  There is a very basic website for the film, though, and I can point you there:


...and also a facebook page:


"Fire City is demon noir thriller we are developing in-house. Private Investigator John Asher suffers from a special 'gift' and sees demons everywhere. Not only are demons living in the world among us, they are some of Asher's best clients. When his estranged 17-year-old daughter, Polly, comes to tell him she is turning into a demon, Asher must find a key to turn her back."  Or as Davey put it, "Like Constantine, only it won't suck."  The man is nothing, if not blunt (although I personally enjoyed Constantine).  It's being put together by Okay By Me Productions.

So, I think that will do it for this week.  Next week I will get back into some of the details of where the dragon animation is at, that's the plan anyway.

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