Notes on a reel (and other stuff)

As you can see, an updated version of my demo reel has been added to It feels more like a transitional reel, especially with all of the unfinished Tiny Juggernaut work on there, but I needed to submit it for a potential internship program. The TJ stuff is going to look flippin' sweet when it is properly lit, textured and fully rendered - the whole project is just going to take a bit longer than expected. I've already mentioned the week we took off to work on the Fire City project, but we had also been waiting to get a finalized rig for the dragon (which we now have) so we could move forward unhindered. I'll be transferring (or "transfering") animation from the old rig onto the new, which is a bit of a tedious process, but after that we should be making the final turn towards the finish line. Quite a few different avenues things could head down from here, but I'll keep you updated.
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