Zombie Scene (Blocking)

Fresh animation, yes!  I've wanted to do some new bi-pedal animation for an age now, but with dragon work I just hadn't found the time.  I especially want to get a new dialogue shot underway, but as lip sync is probably my weakest skill right now it made more sense to focus on something I'm good at.  So, that's where this new zombie pantomime shot comes from.  I came up with the idea over the weekend and shot some video reference.  After some quick thumbnails (and constructing the 3D set) I begin blocking out that shot.  I really wanted to push the feel of the zombie, especially his arms, as he walks towards the house, and I think it's coming along nicely.  It needs some more breakdowns in a few spots, but it's not to far from being pushed out of stepped mode - in case you're missing the point, there's a shotgun that comes through the door (eventually through an actual opening in the door and not just through the door itself) giving the zombie second thoughts.

As for the dragon, the animation part of the film is getting close to being finished, believe it or not.  I've seen some of the fully rendered shots and they're gorgeous, plus I've been informed the releases is set for the middle of 2012.  Still a ways to go for your eyes, but it will be here in no time.  Looking to spruce up my demo reel with some dragon and zombie in time for next month's CTN Animation Expo (http://www.ctnanimationexpo.com/) in Burbank.

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