Zombie Scene (Refining) - Part One

Decided to break the refining into two parts - easier to tackle that way.  Also, the shot is essentially two beats: pure zombie and un-zombie.  Un-zombie?  I might coin that.

Anyway, there was some interesting aspects to the animation when I took it into spline, especially when it came to the head.  That thing was flopping around like a sack of potatoes, so I really had to go back and bring things back under control.  One thing I'm still working on his avoidng problem areas where I over animate one body part which then leads to over animating several other body parts.  Think about the shoulders; you over rotate them without realizing it, then you compensate by bending the arm too far, which affects the bend in the elbow, which affects the bend in the wrist...the fingers...  Thankfully it doesn't take too much to spot a problem like this in the graph editor.  You've got nice  curves going on and suddenly one key is pulled way out of whack.  You adjust that and the arm is broken...you adjust that and the elbow...yeah, I'll stop there.  It's late and I'm ready to go to bed, but things are coming along.  I'll talk more about the scene and the animation when I get around to refining part two.

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