Zombie Scene (Refining) - Part Two

As you'll notice, I haven't quite made it to the final run out of scene yet.  There has been some changes to the walk and I did a pretty big re-block when the zombie sees the shotgun.  This part of the scene - the sudden stop - was particularly difficult, but definitely a good exercise.  There's a point between a cartoony sudden stop (think Looney Tunes and the roadrunner) and a cartoony sudden stop that is still believable, the second of which I wanted to capture for this shot.  You need some continued motion, just enough to keep the character alive, and then continue into, as it's called in the animation world,  a moving hold.  Like the sudden stop, the moving hold is quite difficult.  You need to walk the line between completely killing the character and just having them randomly float around.  Trust me, it was one of the most often asked questions at AM: What is a moving Hold?  How do I do it?  Anyway, I think this part of the shot is coming along nicely and look forward to getting to the run away, which is really on a few short frames compared to the rest of the shot.  Hoping to have this into full polish mode by the weekend.

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